I promised. How could I have known what a mistake I would make? After all, isn’t all life precious?

I was born to serve, to obey, to submit. I am meant to bind myself to another. So when my light touched your darkness, when your pain became too overwhelming to ignore, I reached out my hand and I promised. I promised to protect you; to love you; to heal your wounds and rekindle your frozen heart. I promised.

But how could I have known? How could I have known there are wounds which never heal? Traumas which never cease? How could I have known you should have died, that cold cement a more fitting grave than the warmth of my arms? I was wrong. So, so wrong.

Forgive me, my lover, my obsession, my fate. If I had known you should have died in that black alley, storm raging all around us, should have pulled back the trigger and ended the pain… I wouldn’t have stopped you. I would have gone with you.


[ Another prose piece reworked from a poem I wrote in high school (hence the nauseating angst). XD ]


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