What have you become, bright one? Beautiful and brave once, a king and god, yet by surrendering your heart you have opened yourself to contamination. Was the loss of your morals, your understanding of right and wrong, worth what you gained through this sacrifice? Do you feel you traded fairly? Even you must realize the man you love is a monster; an abomination; anathema. He is a beast which must be put down before it leaves any more destruction in its wake. Do you remember you were willing, once, to put the barrel to his temple and pull the trigger? Though you loved him, though it broke your heart to harm him, you spattered his essence on the tile because it was right. Yet now? Now you are changed, beloved. Your light is tainted, your heart twisted. You no longer care about good and evil, right and wrong; you only care about protecting that which you love at the expense of all else. Do you know what that makes you? That makes you a monster. That makes you a beast, selfish, slave to your own lusts and wants. Tell me – when the end comes and you are the last two alive in a wasteland of your lover’s own destruction, will this demon have been worth it? Or will guilt coil around that greedy heart of yours when you realize what you have done?


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