It’s not that I’m a bad person, so to speak. I never go out of my way to cause someone harm, nor do I wish any particular malice upon anyone. It’s just that the only person I care for on any level, even that of basic human kindness, is Daren. He’s my world to the exclusion of all others, so I certainly can’t help that I have no concern to spare for anyone else. And neither, of course, can I help that the man I love is not so much a man as… an agent of the apocalypse. It’s not my fault Daren would burn the world to ash and rubble, though, so why should I be blamed for caring more about my own lover than the deaths of millions of people I’ll never even meet? Really, when I think about it that way, my love and loyalty for Daren in the face of all this makes me a good person, not a bad one. Is that so hard to understand?

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