Have I fallen down the rabbit hole?
Have I stepped inside the toadstool ring?
Have I been pulled into the world beyond the mirror?

I thought I’d be the summoner, not the summoned.
I thought I played the acolyte, not Aphrodite.
I thought my role was of fair maiden, not Faerie Queen.
I thought I’d forever seek, yet never be sought.

I don’t understand.
I can’t understand.
I am mortal and fallible and
not nearly deserving enough.

(And yet…)
(And yet…)

And yet I sense a goddess status,
a stirring beneath my breast bone,
and the old spiced blood beats once more in
recognition, in
remembrance, in
a reawakening of someone something sometime long passed.
The moon to light the lone wolf’s path,
the candle to lead you home.

Is this who I am supposed to be?
Is this who you are supposed to make me?

Lay your offerings at my feet, beloved,
and I will kiss your brow in blessing.
Go with my protection.
Go with my guidance.
Go with my love.

[ Scribbled down the first draft of this at 3:30 AM, a time at which every idea seems so much better than it really is. Someone is a bad influence on my sleeping habits. ]


5 thoughts on “#1263

    • Haha, that’s why I have a pad of paper by my bed. If I scribble something down in the night I can remember it a LOT better than if I don’t. I’ve learned that the hard way.

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