He’s never had a name to say before; his previous encounters were all anonymous by necessity or preference. Mine Tanim breathes now like a prayer, a mantra, moaning softly with the rhythm of our union.


His breathless voice binds me to this moment more firmly than the fingers gripping my shoulders. I’d never thought about the power of names before I met Tanim. It was easy to forget I had one sometimes, so rarely did I offer it and rarer still did I hear it on someone else’s tongue. But I remember now, oh yes. Tanim recognizes my name for the gift it is and utters it with wonder, love, honor.


Names have such power. Tanim savors the thrill of murmuring mine with each trembling exhalation but I withhold his until the very end, until he’s gasping in climax beneath me and we can’t possibly be any closer, any more intimate or vulnerable, and then I press the precious words into his flesh.

“Oh, Tanim…”

7 thoughts on “#1230

  1. Ha. At first, I was imagining him out somewhere when Tanim comes up and greets Daren softly with a touch to the shoulder, or Daren losing consciousness publicly, when Tanim sees it and tries to bring him to…

    But based on that second last paragraph, are they just having sex? Alone in bed, I should think, rather than publicly…

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