“Oh…” Daren relaxed against the headboard with a satisfied moan, eyes closed and lips curved in pleasure. From somewhere farther down the bed Tanim chuckled, the mattress shifting as he rolled onto his back, and gloated, “I told you.” The younger man snorted. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. You’re very talented, darling.” A comfortable, sated silence fell over them for a moment before Daren added thoughtfully, “You know, if anyone knew how we are together, they’d think you’re whipped. Maybe it’s good you don’t talk to your family.”

“So?” Tanim stretched languidly, inching up until his head rested near Daren’s shoulder. “I’m not ashamed I enjoy being ordered around by you. I’ve always been drawn to authority.” A sly smile crept over his lips. “And arrogance.” Daren ignored the quip but the teasing smirk on his own mouth undermined his admonishing tone. “Still, you shouldn’t do everything I want all the time; you’ll spoil me.”

“Spoil you?” It was Tanim’s turn to snort and arch one black eyebrow. “You’re in my bed, aren’t you?”

“Oh, come on,” Daren rolled over, propping himself up with one elbow on each side of his lover’s chest, legs slotted between Tanim’s. “This is hardly your bed anymore,” he purred, gently biting at Tanim’s lower lip. “And besides, I’m not always this… companionable.” Stifling a moan, Tanim slid his arms around Daren’s slender waist and pulled the man close, freeing his mouth to seek the tender hollow just below Daren’s jaw. “I don’t mind,” he murmured into the velvet skin. “Really.”

“No?” Daren’s soft laughter rumbled against Tanim’s chest and though he questioned the older man, his body eased into the embrace. “Even when I’m delusional? Half mad? Even when I say cruel things to you?” Tanim nuzzled his face into the curve of Daren’s neck and exhaled a dreamy sigh. “When you’re wild and feral, when I think you might hurt me, oh yes, I love you then as well. Always.”

Daren seemed content with the answer and they lapsed into silence again, a tangle of loose limbs and idly wandering mouths, until without warning he delivered a sharp bite to Tanim’s earlobe. “Arrogant, am I?” he growled, hips grinding Tanim against the mattress. His companion squirmed in mock struggle, fingers digging into bare skin as he swore, “In an unbelievably attractive way, I promise.”


[ I don’t mean to make it seem like Tanim and Daren spend ALL their time in bed, but… well, they spend a lot of time in bed. XD ]


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