Also known as Shatterpan, Mage, Light Breaker, The Dark Lady, The Wanderer, The Nameless, and Captain of the Resurrected Jolly Roger


Mutiny, murder, attempted murder, assault, arson, witchcraft and black magic, piracy, destruction of property, theft, espionage, conspiracy, insubordination, possession of deadly and illegal weapons (both common and magical), impersonating an officer of the law, bribery, vandalism, gang activity, smuggling, releasing known criminals into the general populace, wanton destruction, and other various activities of a criminal and volatile nature…


“I wish they wouldn’t put attempted murder on there,” Mage lamented as she admired the newest addition to her collection. “After all, it’s not my fault she got away; lightning is notoriously difficult to control. They’re going to give me an inferiority complex.” Swinging her feet down off the map-cluttered desk, she rose and sauntered across the ship’s cabin, using a handy finger blade from her belt to stick up the poster among the other stolen evidence of her escapades. “Oh well. At least the picture is good. I think they captured the glint of madness in my eyes quite well.”

[ Mage is a long time alter-ego of mine embroiled in an epic battle between herself and ally-turned-nemesis Alice Pan, leader of the Lost Boys. Proof of her “escapades” below. ]

Bribery (and fairy trafficking)
Witchcraft/black magic
Conspiracy  (and theft, apparently)
Piracy and more piracy
Stalking  (featuring Tanim in leather pants!)
Assault  (well, technically this one’s all Daren)

Also… I have been staving off the crushing depression of writer’s block by playing doll maker games.



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