The walk from elevator to front door nearly finished him but Tanim finally fumbled his keys into the lock and stepped inside with a heavy sigh, coat slipping from slumped shoulders to pool on the tile. The traffic in which he had spent the last hour only compounded a spectacularly horrible day. After an early morning, spilled coffee, back to back meetings, deadlines that kept him far past closing, and then a river of gridlock traffic the entire way home, he’d long given up on salvaging his remaining hours and only wanted to crawl into bed. He didn’t even bother to stop by the kitchen for a belated dinner but made straight down the hallway. His stomach could wait for sustenance; his legs, however, wouldn’t hold him upright much longer.

Hoping not to wake his sleeping companion, Tanim pushed the bedroom door open slowly and slipped inside, toeing off his shoes and tossing his suit jacket in the general direction of the dresser.  “You’re late,” Daren purred from the darkness as he stretched languidly beneath the sheets. Light from the hallway fell over their bed and cast his face in sharp shadows, curving over the curl of his smirking mouth. Tanim swallowed as he eyed the outline of his lover’s body, felt the heat of those dark eyes on him. The headache which had plagued him most of the day suddenly didn’t seem so terrible and as he knelt on the bed he managed to quip, “Sorry, dear. You’ll just have to punish me.”

“That’s rather hard to do when you enjoy it so much,” Daren reached out to the tie still knotted at Tanim’s neck, but instead of removing the constricting garment he gave it a tug and drew the man down into his arms. “I missed you,” he murmured into Tanim’s skin, helping divest his lover now of both tie and shirt, and then the rest of the cloth that kept them apart. Finally freed of his stifling work clothes, Tanim groaned in relief and replied, “You have no idea. For a while there it felt like I’d never get home. I thought I was trapped in Purgatory.” With a sleepy grin he added, “But if I was, then this must be Heaven, so I suppose it all worked out.”

As Tanim expected, Daren snorted at the comment, though he could sense pleased amusement in the derisive sound. “Stay home tomorrow,” the man urged, stroking slender fingers through Tanim’s hair to untangle the silken strands. “You could use the break, and I could use a little time with you when you’re not exhausted. Just tell them you’re sick or something.”

“Mmm…” Tanim buried his face in the curve of Daren’s neck, sleep tugging at his eyelids and weighing down his tongue as he mused, “I do think I feel a slight tickle in the back of my throat…” He sank then into well-deserved sleep, cradled in his lover’s tight embrace, and wouldn’t have heard the next morning’s alarm clock even if he had set it anyway.


[ I love that there’s a storyline where Tanim has a job or something, I don’t even really bother to say what ‘cause who cares, and Daren I guess just hangs around at home until he gets back so they can be snarky and have lots of sex, and that’s about it. Lol Imma good writer. ]


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