[ Guess who has jury duty? ]


ah, jury duty
a true test of my patience
one no doubt I’ll fail


ah, jury duty
no cafeteria here
we eat on our laps


ah, jury duty
these people are too perky
just fuel for my rage


ah, jury duty
“hurry up and wait, bitches
like we give a shit”


ah, jury duty
is this service to my state
or purgatory?


[ To be fair, now that I’m on a case it doesn’t bother me so much; it’s the sitting around for hours not even knowing if they’re ever going to call you that’s super frustrating. That being said, having to get up hella early to take the bus to the courthouse is also unpleasant. XD ]

6 thoughts on “#1178

  1. Maybe they’ll plea out. That’s happened almost everytime I’ve served. That or giant snow storms and a sick judge. In fact, I’ve never made it through a full trial yet! With any luck, you’ll get to go home early.

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