“Oi! What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“Well, come up here and see! I’m not describing what you should be looking at anyway. They ain’t paying us the big rupees to sit around in the guard house playing cards.”

“Fine, fine. Okay, what am I supposed to be spying?”

“Over by the east wall. Looks like… what, a kid? One of those always running around in town, chasing after stray dogs and getting under your feet?”

“Could be. Why’s he dressed all funny? What’s on his head, a floppy wizard hat?”

“Maybe he’s playing a game, sneakin’ around like that,”

“Not supposed to be playing out here. We ought to—wait, what’s he doing?”

“…Well that… that probably wasn’t very good. Didn’t even know that rock wall was there; got to be some sort of security hazard, I’d think. Climbed it right quick enough, didn’t he?”

“Should we alert the fellows at the castle gate?”

“Nah, I’m sure they’ll catch him when he runs past. Bright lads, they are. Anyway, I doubt they can hear us from here and it’s an awful long walk. Not like he’s gonna get all the way into Hyrule Castle on his own, right?”


[ Is it just me, or does anyone else think if the King of Hyrule had just invested in guards who gave a shit, Ganondorf wouldn’t have been able to take over an entire city? I mean, you can literally walk right behind the dudes and they never even turn around. That seems like a fatal security flaw to me. ]


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