Some aspects cannot be exorcised from the basic essence no matter the number of iterations, alterations, reincarnations undergone to reach the current state. Bound within the spiraled libraries of sleeping cells the original coding still remains preserved, latent possibility awaiting a will to unlock and unleash. I can see that potential in the darkness of his eyes, which once reached far deeper inside and yet still drew more into itself in mindless consumption; I can hear that potential in his voice, which recalls even now the ash and desolation which spread from his footsteps and poured out in each breath; I can feel that potential in his very presence, in the stillness of one who has seen and accepted his part in the end already, who has no concept of desire or drive and acts only to fulfill his purpose. That which was created to destroy cannot be turned to something other than its original function. As fire is made to burn, as the blade is made to pierce, so he remains a thing of waste and ruin even now, though on a more subtle scale. Yet you must admit there is a fitting beauty in the realization of his purpose, an elegant similarity in the equality of mass annihilation and the slow, orchestrated devastation of a single heart.


[ If you think the current version(s) of Daren already suggest a man at times not entirely stable or pleasant, you should have seen his very first incarnation way back in the beginning. He’s a kitten now compared to that. ]


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