“Is That Enough Butter? No? Add Another Stick”

fresh from the oven
crunchy apples, sweet raisins
the perfect stuffing


[ My mother’s stuffing is the best food on the planet. Seriously. It’s bread, butter, apples, raisins, and Craisins (and this year apricots!) with a hint of savory turkey-ness. How can you go wrong? I could die eating this stuff (and probably will one day; it seriously has a fuck ton of butter in it). ]

4 thoughts on “#1143

    • That’s basically how the recipe goes. You add some water at first, and then TONS of butter, and then more if it needs it. According to my mother’s mother, you know you’ve used enough butter when you think you’ve used too much. Must be true because it always comes out FANTASTIC.

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