In the final moment everything becomes a cliché. Time slows like a movie; sight bleaches to faded shapes of dark and light; sound cuts out to dead silence. The chest shuddering for breath stills and the fingers wrapped in his go limp. Waiting, counting out the endless minutes, Tanim cannot hear the air rasping in and out of his own constricted lungs, does not register the choking lump in his throat which will later rip him open with a howling sob of despair. He feels nothing, hears nothing, sees nothing but the breast which no longer stirs and the dark eyes which wear already the dullness of absence. When it seems an eternity has passed he leans close. No breath ghosts over his mouth. No pulse leaps to meet his touch. He lowers Daren’s hand to the cool tile and sits back, closing his eyes against the wrongness of this scene. Time does not resume its normal flow and in the white silence Tanim feels disconnected, removed from himself. He had promised to do nothing, to only watch and wait, and he has fulfilled this promise. He made no promises for after, however, and suddenly he is lost. Alone. The wail crumples him in half but still he cannot feel the force of it tearing through his throat and rocking his body, nor hear how his keening echoes and repeats, trapped within the bathroom’s white walls.

[ If this were a movie scene I would definitely play For Everything a Reason over it (especially since I had the song on repeat the entire time I wrote this). ]

6 thoughts on “#1121

  1. Came back for yet another quick, lurking read (I really ought to Follow you)… and was greeted by this.

    Oh my. Powerful but simple, and without melodrama. I think my heart stopped beating too while I was reading it.

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