Like Father, Like Daughter”

channeling my dad
I stomp up and down the stairs
sighing and cursing


[ My dad was a laid back guy but he had quite the fiery Italian temper, which I inherited in spades. I had some computer/printer difficulties at work the other day and as I was trudging upstairs once more from the printer to my office, swearing unprofessionally under my breath, I realized I sounded just like my dad whenever he had to do something particularly irritating like fix the dryer or a leaky sink. It comforted me to feel like my dad was beside me, also cussing up a storm and trying not to kick the printer into cooperation. ]

2 thoughts on “#1114

  1. You think about your Dad’s temper in a positive way. I’ve never been able to do that with my Dad, so I admire your perspective. His temper was awful, but he was an artist and I have inherited that from him – as well as his impatience and irritability! He’d laugh if he heard me say that now!

    • My dad was a big softie at heart, though you wouldn’t know it to look at him, and I was such a daddy’s girl that I never got the brunt of his anger anyway (even when I probably deserved it). We just sort of came to accept that certain projects, such as setting up the Christmas tree, would involve a lot of swearing and sighing. I have a very vivid memory of repeating a bad word he said when I was really little and him getting in a ton of trouble for it from my mom, haha.

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