Outside the sun scorched air and earth alike. Daren could feel it soaking through the down-turned blinds and heating the cheap, dusty plastic. Peering between two slats, he glared out at the domestic scene beyond, lips curling back in a scowl to bare two sharp fangs. Manicured lawns choked with fertilizer and pesticide, identical prim houses in varying shades of pastel, miles of sidewalks covered in strolling couples and playing children… disgusting. Tanim would hate this place.

With an impatient sigh Daren retreated into the cool dark of the abandoned house which had for so many months served as shelter and prison both while he healed. The thought of Tanim stirred fond memories and fierce, restless longing. Tanim liked simple things: sleeping in, good books, rough sex. Daren despised the circumstances that kept them apart for so long. He vowed that when he was finally strong enough to risk that merciless sun he would escape this wretched place to seek his lost lover, and he would leave a trail of bodies in his wake. It would be just like old times.


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