[ Wrote some haiku while working the Red Cross booth at a health/safety fair because I am a bad-ass multi-tasker. Can you tell I was super excited to be there? (While I do love discussing natural disasters, after the first two or three hundred people my enthusiasm waned a bit…) ]


Not a Job for an Introvert”

working event booth
false grin frozen on my face
time to go home yet?

Fine, Take the Candy and Leave”

“How are you? …hello?”
no sign of recognition
they just want freebies

This is Barely a Pre-Snack”

hundred calories
fifteen tiny cheese crackers
you call this a snack?

Food, Water, Shelter… and Bullets”

you know what they say:
if you’re prepared for zombies
you can face it all


[ If the CDC has a section on its website for zombie preparedness, shouldn’t we take that as a sign? ]

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