Sometimes I lament the quiet life we share. What use is it to pledge I would kill for him if the opportunity never presents itself? How am I to prove my love if all I have are hypothetical situations? Society condemns our lifestyle choices, yes, but we’re such recluses we rarely give cause to make our transgressions known. Our sins are wasted here, shocking only what good sensibilities have walls or bed sheets. Yet my lover has a wicked tongue; surely if we ever ventured out he’d steer us eventually into trouble. Is it so much to ask for the chance to defend his honor, even if he’s the one baiting for a fight? I wouldn’t mind the feel of cartilage breaking beneath my fist just once, or maybe the vivid smear of a stranger’s blood on my knuckles. It’d be nice to know I can back up my words with a little violence if necessary, that’s all. All I want is to deliver one blow in retaliation to a world that’s landed more than its fair share on us already; just one broken nose or bloodied mouth as evidence of my devotion.


9 thoughts on “#1091

  1. I have found that punching someone isn’t really all that cathartic. Cutting down a tree with a chainsaw, using a machete in thick brush, or crafting a piece of furniture are all better ways to focus anger. Everyone is equally sad in different ways, no need to hurt them.
    Your entry brings to mind Regina Spektor’s “Your Honor” and the “Pick a fight with a stranger” homework assignment from Fight Club. Good stuff.

    • That’s very true, but I doubt Tanim can channel 20 years of anger and sexual repression into a handmade dining table, and there isn’t much call for machetes or chain saws in the city. XD At least, I think his landlord would take issue with all the noise inherent in gasoline powered tools. (Is there a rule against running chain saws in apartments? I’ve never thought on it.)

      Haha, this does sort of remind me of that homework assignment from Fight Club now as well. ….tempts me to write a story where they go picking for a fight…

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I absolutely love your line-Our sins are wasted here. It opens such a vein of possibility, you could write a whole book on that one sentence. Keep up the good work.

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