amid steel and glass
still the silent places wait
refuge of dreamers

[ Picture of Lake Trubsee in northern Switzerland, taken on my trip there last July. Title (a German phrase meaning “the feeling of being alone in the woods”) courtesy of Better Than English, a highly entertaining website every wordsmith should visit. ]


8 thoughts on “#1082

  1. I loved it. The picture, the words. Remind me of home. Plus why don’t we have words that convey complex feelings like that!

  2. I’ve never tried haiku. Brevity is not my strong point. But reading your poem makes me think I should try. I love this! It’s beautifully expressive of something I experience frequently in my own life.

    And Better Than English? How can I thank you for putting me onto that site? “Fucking awesome” does not begin to suggest my delight. I’m sure that somewhere on BTE there is the perfect word for how I feel.

    • You should try haiku! I hated them at first as well (and still sometimes do, haha) but once you get the hang of them the challenge is more fun than frustrating. And yes, Better Than English makes me jealous of alll the non-English words that perfectly sum up concepts you otherwise have no idea how to describe. Why we don’t just make up more words all the time for stuff is beyond me.

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