wild hair red as flame
chain mail bikini beauty
devil with a sword

[ Red Sonja is one of my greatest heroes. She’s an unapologetic bad ass warrior chick who doesn’t let silly things like romance or emotions get in her way. In the end she’s out for herself and doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. As far as female fictional characters go, Sonja holds her own against any of them and could probably snap a lot of them in half with her bare hands. Also, she is seriously fucking hot. ]

8 thoughts on “#1066

    • I’m really hoping to get all of the Red Sonja omnibus collections soon. I’ve read a lot of the current comics, but unfortunately on my tiny laptop where I just can’t appreciate the full page spreads of blood and gore.

    • XD I know, right? When anyone in the comics asks her about the practicality of her armor, she says that it distracts dumb men and makes them easier to kill. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

    • Neither can I! In fact, I usually detest female characters in pretty much anything unless they completely subscribe to the “bad ass warrior chick” cliche. The minute a female character falls in love she becomes completely boring to me. XD

      One of my all-time favorites is Alice from Resident Evil (or really any character played by Milla Jovovich).

    • YESSS.

      I really get way too much pleasure watching (reading?) her get drunk in taverns, then beat the shit out of guys who try to take advantage of her. She makes me so happy inside.

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