[ Oh, Tanim. Such a drama queen. What am I going to do with you? ]

Don’t ask, don’t tell.” That’s the motto. Polite society doesn’t want to know about your fetishes or what shameful thoughts the right come hither expression inspires. You’re a pervert; you can’t just flaunt your sins in public where good, clean people might see. What if your taint spreads to others? You don’t want that, do you? Of course not. Society can be merciful, though. You don’t need to deny yourself completely. Play your role of dutiful husband and law abiding citizen by day and by night lose yourself in the arms of strangers and the high of drug and drink. If you keep such illicit liaisons to yourself there’s no need to punish you before the multitudes. Just remember we deviants are relegated to the slums, the dark corners where names are forbidden and encounters brief. Sate your hungers in private if you must but never dare admit the truth in the light of day. That’s the deal; they won’t ask and you won’t tell. Everyone wins as long as you remember your place in the shadows.

5 thoughts on “#1053

    • Certainly; hence the sense of bitter sarcasm in Tanim’s voice. Of course, this is someone who’s so ashamed of his sexuality that he tries to numb it permanently with alcohol and sleeping pills, so he tends to be a bit biased about the subject in general.

        • I don’t mind assumptions. Half the fun of writing is seeing how people interpret something. Though I suppose that means half the difficulty of writing is making sure you get your point across enough that people don’t TOTALLY take it the wrong way, too. XD

          • XD Indeed. That’s why I started doing Friday Fictioneers in the first place.

            I’m just funny with assumptions myself. People say never to assume, yet everyone does. Sometimes detrimentally. So I personally try to avoid it.

            But maybe I should be more relaxed about fiction?

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