“Puyallup Fair”

sky pops with fireworks
scent of fresh scones on the breeze
Ferris wheel spins slow

– – –

“Afternoon Tea”

Pray tell today’s scones?
Apricot ginger, pumpkin,
cinnamon apple?
Oh, I’ll have two of each please.
Don’t skimp the butter and jam.

[ I’ve been CRAVING scones all week. I’m going crazy with my need for scones. My only hope is to channel the obsession into poetry. The picture above was taken at the Puyallup Fair last year right before I wolfed down those delicious, delicious scones. ]

2 thoughts on “

    • Their scones are so good. They have scone stations all over the fair and the lines are always super long, but it’s sooo worth it. Fresh baked, TONS of butter and jam… oh gosh.

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