[ *writhe/grumble/hurl computer against wall* ]

Oh darling, do me a favor and just shut up. I love you, I really do, but I’m so sick of arguing with you. You want to hate yourself? You want to wallow in misery and shame? Fine. Go ahead. Choke on your loathing if that’s what you want. I’ll never change your mind, I see that now, so I won’t waste another breath fighting your backwards logic. But I also know you couldn’t bear to hate me or anything that’s part of me. You’re too devoted, such a helpless romantic. So let your body be mine, then; let your heart be mine; let your soul be mine. Let me take you as my own so I may protect you from the one who inflicts the greatest pain – yourself. You’re part of me, don’t you understand? When you hurt, I ache. When you weep, I want to sob. You may not care what happens to you but I know you love me too much to break my heart, so go easy for once.


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