Since so many stories take place in Tanim’s apartment, I want to provide a basic description of its layout and features. Bear with me; I don’t have much experience with décor lingo.

Apartment Layout: The apartment is a two bedroom, two bathroom penthouse in an old yet very expensive apartment complex. The front door opens onto a spacious hexagonal main room with vaulted ceilings comprised of the living room, dining area, and kitchen. Right and forward of the entryway is the dining area. To the immediate left is the open kitchen. Perpendicular to the kitchen is a long, wide hallway. Past the hallway opening is the first wall of the living room, which connects to the second and third to create a half hexagonal wall. This wall then connects back to the dining alcove and to the entryway again. Down the hallway are six doors. The first door on the right is the master bedroom; the second door on the right is the master bathroom; the first door on the left is the second bathroom; the second door on the left is a hall closet; the third door on the left is the second bedroom; the door at the end of the hallway is a large linen closet. The apartment comes fully furnished with matching mahogany furniture.

Kitchen: The kitchen is open to the rest of the room, cut off only by an island which extends half the length of the kitchen. The floor of the kitchen and entryway is a granite tile flecked with garnet to match the brickwork in the living room. The counter tops are likewise granite with a red tile back-splash flecked with mica. The cabinets are cherry wood with brushed silver handles; the sink is brushed silver as well. The appliances are either black or stainless steel, each in arguably brand new condition due to little use. There are no windows along the kitchen wall.

Dining area: The dining area is also open to the room, only differentiated from the living room by a mahogany dining table with four matching chairs.

Living room: The living room dominates the apartment by sheer size alone. It takes up half the main room and is sunken two steps below the rest of the room. Along its left-hand wall is a large electric fireplace. The next two walls are entirely formed by bay windows reaching from floor to ceiling, broken every fifteen feet by brick pillars, and overlook a gorgeous and unobstructed view of the city. These walls form the half hexagon shape which connects to the dining area. In the corner connecting the two right-most walls is a free standing mahogany home bar facing into the living room. The carpet throughout the living room and rest of the apartment is thick, a pristine cream color to set off the red of the brick, and the wall color is a pale amber. The only furniture in the living room besides the bar is a mahogany coffee table and a large L-shaped deep red suede couch. The long side of the couch faces the main wall of windows and coffee table while its perpendicular side faces the fireplace.

Master bedroom: The master bedroom is a darker shade of the same amber paint set against the cream carpet. The right hand wall contains a walk-in closet lined in brick, as it backs up against the fireplace on the other side of the wall. The far wall of the bedroom features French doors which open onto a small and rarely used balcony. Along the left-hand wall is the door leading into the master bathroom. Like the living room, the bedroom is sparsely furnished with a mahogany dresser, mahogany wardrobe, one small cushioned chair, and a mahogany king bed with its headboard against the left hand wall flanked on both sides by matching side tables.

Master bathroom: The master bath can be accessed either through the bedroom or the hallway. Its tile is pale with flecks of garnet red, as is the granite counter top. The sink faucet and handles are brushed silver. From the bedroom doorway the sink and toilet are along the far wall, the bathtub along the right-hand wall and the hallway door along the left-hand wall. Between the toilet and bathtub is a door which opens onto a linen closet. The bathtub easily fits two and is sunken into a tile ledge. Above the sink is a mahogany framed medicine cabinet/mirror.

Second bedroom: The second bedroom functions as a study and library. It matches the master bedroom in color, though the closet is smaller and the room has no windows. The walls are lined with mahogany bookshelves and a matching desk sits in the nearest right-hand corner. Along the far wall are two dark brown leather chairs with a mahogany end table between them.

Second bathroom: The second bath is a miniature version of the first in color and style, though it has a frosted glass walled shower instead of a bathtub and no window.

And now you know why Daren doesn’t mind getting kicked out of his shitty basement apartment and having to move in with Tanim.

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