I want to run away tonight. The city’s grown too close, too choking – I just can’t stay a moment longer. Come on, darlin’, let’s stuff our Sailor Moon backpacks full of scones and peanut butter cups and head out for adventure! Let’s cross oceans and ford rivers and wind our way through forests full of fairy tale wolves and gingerbread houses. You and me, baby, we’ll find us a brand new kingdom to rule, a land of milk and honey (or maybe chocolate milk and peanut butter honey cookies!) where we can be princesses with satin gowns and pearls in our hair. We’ll spend our time writing epic tales and reading comic books and eating delicious food that never, ever runs out. We’ll play board games all day and build forts in the throne room, big mansions made from velvet window curtains and high-backed chairs. We’ll spend our nights listening to rain pitter on the tall, dark windows and tell spooky stories by flickering candlelight. And what else? We’ll play hide and seek during thunderstorms! And — and there’ll always (always?) ALWAYS be cookies baking in the oven! And the bell will ding just a minute or two early so that the middle’s still gooey and the chocolate’s melted oh so perfectly. Yeah, yeah! Can we do that, bunny dear? Are we up to the challenge? Then pack up your glitter crayons and best adventuring shoes and let’s go, let’s go! There’s treasure waiting to be discovered and unicorns wanting to be ridden and castles made of rainbow rock candy just sitting empty and hoping to be filled with laughter. What are we waiting for?


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