In my dreams my father nods to me as we pass in the crowd, and before I fall asleep my inner child whispers fairy tales in my ear. I knew I would not wish to write of such things in the morning but I will attempt to do so anyway. The autoclave technician reminds me a bit of my father, if only because his smile is genuine and he laughs as he works, and last night that little girl told me she had built a kingdom in my absence. She said see? and I saw. There were valleys so deep they cradled the Sun itself as it set each night. There were oceans so wide the dawn could not touch upon all waters at once. There were rivers from which one could drink the stars and plains where golden grasses grew horses as wild as the wind. And there were mountains. There were mountains so vast they devoured the horizon, so high they cleaved the very sky in two. What does God do with mountains, she asked me as we lay in the dark, that rise almost to Heaven?

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