How many of them are here? How many hounds are baying at my trail, salivating over the scent of my blood and desperation? How many sorcerers and thieves are chasing? How many princes in Amber, sons of Oberon, hidden sailor senshi? How many old gods and young heroes? How many friends turned foe, Lost turned Found? Protagonist hunted by antagonist, or is it the other way around now? How many miles in how many worlds have I run? How many Neverwhere spooks and haunts wait and stalk, whetting knives and loading guns, gliding through shadow as I go crashing through my hellride? How many men in black suits with those dark glasses, smiling those empty smiles? How many of the Daywatch? Nightwatch? They are everywhere. They are everyone. So tired. I can’t go any farther, can’t warp any more realities, construct any more dreams, twist any more shadow. I can make no more doors. I can engineer no more escapes. I’ll lay here for just a second. Just a second, let me just rest my eyes, let me get a little sleep, please, only for a moment and then I’ll have back my strength and I’ll flee again. Just for a moment and– oh. You. So you’ve finally caught up? Come to take me away now? Erase my memory, toss me blinded into the dungeons, destroy and obliterate me? Let me just nudge shadow the tiniest– damn. No strength. I’m so tired. I’m so tired. Who’s betrayed me? Who made me a tiny pawn in the game from Amber to Chaos? I won’t beg. Just let me sleep. My that’s a beautiful blade you carry. Why am I smiling, you ask? Oh. Just thought of something terribly hilarious; that’s all. Bones and soliloquies, Chaos.

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