Tell me. How much faith do you have in your beliefs? Are you so sure that you are in the right? That you wield justice? Truth? Beauty? Love? Tell me, is there not a core of you that is unsure, that falters as you raise your sword to slay the unbelieving? Are you so confidant in your belief that one can be the sacrifice to save many?

Just how sure are you that these are the right choices? That you haven’t made severe, insurmountable mistakes?

Are you so sure you have not betrayed the one you love?

I do not think you should trust the voice with which you speak. I do not think you should trust the words with which you write. You are fallible. You are mortal, no god among men. You have disgraced that which was given to you. You have destroyed that which you built. Where you feel pride, you should feel shame. Where you feel you are justified, you should feel you have betrayed and corrupted. You lead the blind. You lead the lost. You lead nothing.

Tell me, how sure of yourself are you?

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