A daydream for you (daydream, and memory, and secretly cherished hope). The kind you love (the kind I love). Mundane and perfect (and all I want).

The Sun sinks slowly behind the distant tops of evergreen trees, cutting a jagged silhouette of forests and mountains. The air is becoming chill, just enough to make my skin prickle with goosebumps. You shiver a little, and giggle. The sound makes me laugh as well. I always laugh when you laugh. How can I not?

The metal underneath us gets cold and we abandon the cage-like climbing toy. Leaping, flying for a moment, we land on the earth below. The playground rocks crunch beneath our feet as we half skip, half stumble across the expanse. Giggling still, we grab the metal chains and hoist ourselves up onto the swings. A few good pumps of our legs send us sailing through the slowly darkening air. We keep this up for a few moments, leaning our heads back to watch the starry sky rock over upside down to ground, ground to sky, sky to ground.

Gasping for breath that comes out like steam, we give up and let the momentum slowly bring us down in ever shortening arcs. We sit poised on the old, creaking swings as true night comes. The stars burn far above us. The streetlights glow orange and comforting.

From across the space between us you reach out your hand. You know I don’t like to be touched, but you also know you’re the only exception. I cover the rest of the distance and put my hand in yours. We look out over the dark playground. I begin to sing, one of the dozens of songs we always sing together, and grinning, you join in. We sing off key. We sing off beat. We sing loudly.

Soon we break our hands apart so we can dance, too. The matching Hello Kitty friendship lockets around our necks jingle as we move.

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