I wish you had chosen me. I wish you had not made the wrong decision. I don’t see how this can end well (not for me, at least. You’ll just keep going, won’t you?). It won’t end well at all. In the end, I know, I will fall. I must fall.


The thing is, if my back is against the wall, then I don’t need someone to fight with. I fight alone. And if I know your mind, and if I know your heart, then I will know you six moves ahead. I fight alone. And if I’ve got nothing to lose, then I am the most dangerous creature of all.

I fight alone.

You’re good at making everything else the enemy, so I guess at some point it had to be me. That’s the beauty of propaganda, and an army of blind believers to hunt down the rebellious few. Those, the ones that do not think like you, must be destroyed. Preserve the whole, yes? And I know it’s been a slow phasing out, but I was always aware of it. I know where the lines have been drawn, what alliances have been set in stone. I knew when I came to the battle field that no other followed me. I stand alone. I fight alone.

Say what you like. I know it’s the truth.

And though I will go down – I will go down with guns blazing.

I’m not breaking down. I’m breaking out.


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