If I think about myself as I am
a girl who’s always anxious
who speaks too loudly
who cries too often
who is graceless and tactless and intense
I fear I will be too much for you
that I will push you from my side
I wish instead I was the moon
sharp and radiant and cold
dressed in light and shadow
for as the moon I might pull at your heart
knowing you cannot resist the dance
knowing you must always follow me across the sky
faithful sun drawn in the the wake of your moon


Have I mentioned my arch-nemesis is now on WordPress? She’s the artist of many of my beautiful pictures of Tanim and Daren, and the author of many bold, shameless lies about my escapades. You should definitely check her out – and commission her for a picture!

Originally posted on AlicePan:

[For miserypane]
You’ve fallen in love with a charcoal queen

Who couldn’t stand the crystallizing pressure
And instead burned out like an autumn fire
Her only purpose to put thoughts to paper
An inky substance to smoke out ideas and texture
But might crumble under your touch and sheen
The dark stars in her eyes are just carbon copies
Of diamonds in your faraway dreams

[For onlyfragments]
When word of your villainous exploits are whispered
in hushed tones across the omniverse
And the dark stars in your eyes finally go out
With your last dying breaths you’ll laugh in
Her face, as the queen of all faery cradles your
Thinning gloom — the clouds of red thunder
Will part and reveal the infinite ebony, for
On the final midnight of the Dark Elven Mage
There is. no. Moon.

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