some relationships are road trips and sunrises and bonfires on the beach
some are candles and rose petals and diamond rings in champagne glasses
but yours
your relationship is empty bottles and cigarette stubs and bite marks
knives beneath the sheets, needles under the bed
the front door slamming


in one ear the darkelvenmage whispers to me
of frigid oceans and frozen shores
glossy raven wings and the howling of wolves
the silver sickle moon rising above jagged mountains
and in the other the Mother Cat, Lady of Flame
murmurs of shifting sands and ancient temples
swift hunting cats and the laughter of jackals
of a sun like liquid gold baking the red land
and I am the wanderer, oh
I am the wanderer


don’t you understand? you’ve got it backwards
I am the Moon, often veiled in darkness
waxing and waning as I add or remove layers, depending on my need to hide
not you, beloved; you are the Sun
you should bare yourself in glory
let your golden flesh glow unfettered, unfiltered
don’t hide behind clouds, don’t dull your rays with fog
you are beauty beyond imagining, brilliant and burning hot
can’t you see you light up the world?
shine, you fool, shine


this is a forbidden love
a sinister love
a cold, cruel, beautiful love
a love that worships with knives
a love that demands sacrifice
a love that covets
a love that crafts
a love that hunts
a love that hurts
an unwilling love
an unwanted love
an unthinkable love
a love that forgives
and twists the blade
a love that mourns
and revels in blood
a love with no name
a love with no rules
a love with no place
but the cell, the basement, the casket

(major spoilers for season 2 in the video)