take my voice, sea witch
grant me fine legs in return
a worthwhile bargain
even if each step pains me
at least I’ll be like the rest

take my voice, sea witch
after all, what use are words?
brief, untouchable
yet flesh is warm and solid
bone and blood make us human

take my voice, sea witch
I just want to be normal
feel the things I should
I long to walk on the shore
but now longing’s not enough

take my voice, sea witch
change the self I never chose
give me sensation
for I’ve given up on words
and now I’d give anything


“I’ll fax that right now”
“can you hold for just a sec?”
hotels tell you lies
waiting for a fax
I know it will never come
they’re laughing at me
new email pops up
this had better be my fax!
no. no. never. no.
fax finally here
they charged the wrong credit card
cycle starts again
[ My job involves dealing with hotels across the globe. This is my day, every day. ]


cruel as a virus
embedded deep as cancer
your infectious rage

Faithless specter, I have swallowed your blood and wept your tears yet still you ask for more, for flesh, for bone, for breath and heartbeat and dominion, and if I cannot give these things, if this mortal form’s too frail to contain a slain god’s rage, will your madness burn me to ashes from within until I too am naught but a restless spirit seeking a willing shell?