Ace of Pentacles – material goals/ good fortune will come your way/ use it to create

Two of Pentacles – with the means to work/ now is the time to take risks/ so make things happen

Three of Pentacles – teamwork earns success/ be patient, cooperate/ two will achieve more

Four of Pentacles – miserly spirit/ afraid to lose anything/ embrace loss, be free

Five of Pentacles – trouble, depression/ neglecting the heart and soul/ seek the ray of light

Six of Pentacles – generous spirit/ as you give, so will you get/ faith will be restored

Seven of Pentacles – time to make a choice/ reap what you have sown, or wait?/ consider outcomes

Eight of Pentacles – become the novice/ embrace practice and learning/ nurture a new skill

Nine of Pentacles – acknowledge your strengths/ confidence is rightly earned/ strong sense of self-worth

Ten of Pentacles – lasting achievement/ financial security/ time of peace and joy

Page of Pentacles – energy to build/ as long as you are willing/ opportunity

Knight of Pentacles – humble, steadfast, true/ be down-to-earth, reliable/ old ways are proved good

Queen of Pentacles – sensual and strong/ a self-sufficient spirit/ always generous

King of Pentacles – a richness of life/ everything touched turns to gold/ wise father figure


Ace of Swords – mental energy/ a new world view emerging/ conflict begets change

Two of Swords – denial of truth/ conflict is at an impasse/ open eyes and heart

Three of Swords – heartache, isolation/ let yourself break down and weep/ this wound must be cleansed

Four of Swords – seek enlightenment/ withdraw inside yourself, rest/ tap your inner strength

Five of Swords – admit your limits/ you have taken on too much/ swallow pride and fear

Six of Swords – conflict has drained you/ now you have a chance to rest/ the storm is passing

Seven of Swords – life may require wit/ deception, diplomacy/ don’t let it blind you

Eight of Swords – indecisiveness/ situation seems hopeless/ always a way out

Nine of Swords – fear of the future/ look inside to find its source/ cast aside your doubts

Ten of Swords – uncontrollable/ yes, the fall will be painful/ ride it out and heal

Page of Swords – mental powers grow/ logic over emotion/ new ways of thinking

Knight of Swords – mind’s fierce energy/ one is driven to their goal/ don’t be too hasty

Queen of Swords – noble ideals, yes/ but don’t demand perfection/ you are still human

King of Swords – smart and capable/ embody the great leader/ confident and wise


Ace of Wands – the spark to create/ let it become a firestorm/ journey of passion

Two of Wands – something is forming/ be bold, authoritative/ do what must be done

Three of Wands – the foundations laid/ the road beckons you onward/ expand horizons

Four of Wands – initial success/ celebrate, then keep moving/ still much work ahead

Five of Wands – many obstacles/ do not despair, keep fighting/ grow from this struggle

Six of Wands – victory, triumph/ beware a growing ego/ the journey’s not done

Seven of Wands – stiff competition/ take a stand, be flexible/ courage wins the day

Eight of Wands – great undertaking/ journey speeding on its way/ a river released

Nine of Wands – the final battle/ within exhaustion, a strength/ if only you’ll fight

Ten of Wands – soul overburdened/ creativity suffers/ let go, take a breath

Page of Wands – a need to create/ some desires may seem daunting/ do not ignore them

Knight of Wands – a desire for change/ embrace the knight’s bravery/ beware arrogance

Queen of Wands – practice constancy/ sustain creative vision/ understand your skills

King of Wands – echo the lion/ be the risk-taking leader/ proud, fierce, unafraid