Ace of Cups – emotional surge/ a relationship or bond/ journey of the heart

Two of Cups – a bond is growing/ one to be strengthened, nourished/ opposites attract

Three of Cups – a celebration/ marriage, birth, companionship/ build community

Four of Cups – dissatisfaction/ a troubled relationship/ too lost in oneself

Five of Cups – regret and remorse/ a betrayal or conflict/ this is not the end

Six of Cups – looking to the past/ childhood’s open-mindedness/ seek simplicity

Seven of Cups – myriad options/ so many diff’rent outcomes/ you must choose with care

Eight of Cups – delve within yourself/ something must be given up/ answers are within

Nine of Cups – pleasure, happiness/ a great wish has been fulfilled/ celebrate success

Ten of Cups – hardship is over/ the bond is everlasting/ your soul’s contentment

Page of Cups – love struggles to bloom/ nurture it and watch it grow/ be sentimental

Knight of Cups – trust intuition/ as the knight follows his heart/ let love lead the way

Queen of Cups – time to meet yourself/ seek the spark of life within/ creation and art

King of Cups – tireless protector/ protect your own heart as well/ thus, achieve balance


She goes by many names. Lady of the East, Lady of the Flame, Lady of the Truth. Mother Cat. The Light Bearer. Likewise, Her gifts are many. Love. Protection. Fertility. Guidance and acceptance. Music, dance, joy. Strength. Do not be fooled, though, for She is as fierce as She is generous. Vengeful Eye of Ra, Tearer, Devouring Lady, She is not one to cross lightly. She is Bast, worshiped across Egypt’s ancient sands. She is Bastet, goddess of grand Bubastis on the Nile. She is Ubaste, ancient and powerful.


Are you gods without temples or holy books, or are you lovers without bone and blood? Is this polytheism or polygamy? Am I an unfaithful devotee or an unfaithful companion? If love is the earth within which grow the seeds of jealousy, tell me truthfully so I may tend my garden accordingly. No love should be sacrificed on the altar of another, and I have devotion enough for all who claim me. But I know love to be a fickle thing, easily angered, and I would not wish to incur the wrath of patron or paramour. Am I foolish to think I can give all of myself to all of you? That one heart, one soul, can be promised thrice or more? I am a vessel overflowing in the wellspring of love… can you not all drink from me together as equals?


Wheel of Fortune – the Wheel always turns/ day and night, summer, winter/ watch for its changes

The Hanged Man – reverse perceptions/ sacrifice, give up control/ gain more than you lost

Death – present becomes past/ the old makes way for the new/ mourn but do not fear

The Devil – vices hold us back/ face the darkness, cut the strings/ choose grace over greed

The Tower – all stone can crumble/ catastrophic upheaval/ illusions shattered

The Star – even in darkness/ always a light to see by/ hope, faith, peace, and rest

The Moon – illusions and dreams/ realm of beauty and danger/ disorienting

The Sun – illumination/ the path ahead is clear now/ new vitality

Judgment – choices must be made/ you now reap what you have sown/ be it good or ill

The World – triumph, completion/ a time of prosperity/ a journey ending


The Fool – new chapter ahead/ change and growth, hard lessons learned/ innocent to wise

The Magician – an awakening/ inner potential unlocked/ intuition calls

The Empress – queen of abundance/ love, life, creativity/ hope springs eternal

The Emperor – seek authority/ be not rigid or too free/ concretize your goals

The High Priestess – subconscious stirring/ inner worlds of dream and thought/ secrets and shadows

The Hierophant – spiritual guide/ personal philosophy/ the wealth of knowledge

The Lovers – facing a choice/ do not make it hastily/ union and balance

The Chariot – conflict approaches/ face head on, emerge stronger/ discipline’s triumph

Justice – the scale of Ma’at/ all things weighed impartially/ balance will return

Temperance – kinder than Justice/ all things flow in harmony/ seek a balanced heart

Strength – rage and pride can kill/ harness strength with composure/ rein the beast within

The Hermit – do not resist change/be at peace with time’s turning/lone introspection


my body is history, mythology, fantasy
my hands have dragged sailors to their doom
my feet have danced to sistrums and chanting
my heart beats the blood of every virgin sacrifice
my eyes blink back the blind oracle’s darkness
my voice is the widow’s wail, the daughter’s dirge
the war cry of Sekhmet, the song of Sappho
my warm flesh is priced pound by pound
bathed in milk, in oil, in perfume, in blood
my curves are criminal and coveted
wrapped in silk, in velvet, in gold, in chains
I am carved from marble andĀ painted on tombs
I am burned at the stake and lauded in the brothel
I am subjugated andĀ unbreakable
I am veiled and radiant
I am a sister
born of daughters
born of mothers
born of gods