you think you shared a life together? hah!
you shared as much of a life as Rapunzel and the witch
one resigned to being the keeper
the other resigned to being the kept
I didn’t come climbing up that tower to steal her, you know
she just needed someone to catch her when she jumped
did you really think she’d stay forever?


don’t you understand? you’ve got it backwards
I am the Moon, often veiled in darkness
waxing and waning as I add or remove layers, depending on my need to hide
not you, beloved; you are the Sun
you should bare yourself in glory
let your golden flesh glow unfettered, unfiltered
don’t hide behind clouds, don’t dull your rays with fog
you are beauty beyond imagining, brilliant and burning hot
can’t you see you light up the world?
shine, you fool, shine


roses are red
Daren’s disdain is black
perhaps we should go now
I don’t need a knife in my back

[ My favorite webcomic artist, Kathleen Jacques, held a Kickstarter last year to fund publishing her webcomic Band vs Band as a book (IT’S SO GOOD AND CUTE AND QUEER GO READ IT). One of the Kickstarter levels was a custom picture, which I snapped up. I based the picture on this semi-roleplay where my girlfriend and I talked about how incredibly uncomfortable it would be to have dinner with my characters Tanim and Daren. I think the resulting picture captures the awkwardness perfectly. Happy Valentines Day! ]


I think these are my favorite nights, the ones where we crawl into bed and spend hours talking, facing each other like we’re at a sleepover, only you don’t have to go home in the morning, you don’t ever have to go home again because this is home, we are home, and we talk about the mysteries of space and the ocean’s depths, of science and justice, and I want to take your face in my hands and kiss you until you gasp but I don’t want you to stop speaking, either, I want you to keep talking about electric currents and hammerhead sharks and rubbing my ears to keep them warm, I could listen to you talk for the rest of my life and still wish for another hour to hear just one more opinion, one more silly story, one more blushing secret, I’ll always wish for more everything with you.