“Prayer for Fallen Felines”

Mother Cat, watch over your fallen child
and guide their spirit to the Eternal Land
may they hunt in fields of moonlight
and sleep in fields of sunlight

[ I’m quickly beginning to realize that a lot of my offerings to Bast are going to take the form of writing, which is no surprise. I’m sure there are already prayers/incantations out there for the spirits of fallen cats, but I wanted to write her one myself so it’s more personal when I use it – though anyone is welcome to use it, of course. ]


I honestly couldn’t care if this feeling is fabricated
if it’s the Prozac or the Topamax (or both)
the B12 or the vitamin D
hell, maybe it’s all the Eggo waffles and Goldfish crackers
the naps with my head on your lap
or the ancient goddess speaking in my ear
who gives a shit?
I feel good right now
and dammit, I choose happiness


Lord Sun, who surrenders all to love, teach me how to choose happiness.
Prince Moon, who surrenders to no one, teach me how to choose happiness.
Nameless Mage, who forges her own path, teach me how to choose happiness.
Mother Cat, who knows the path I must take, teach me how to choose happiness.


Mother Cat, who chose me at birth
take me into your blessed service
I shall protect your children as my own
and honor the spirits of their dead

I am yours, Lady of the East
do with me as you will

Mother Cat, who calls to me now
teach me the ways of your glorious devotion
I shall humble my heart to your love
and surrender my will to your ferocity

I am yours, Lady of the Flame
do with me as you will

Mother Cat, who stands at my side
guide me along the lighted path
I shall clear my mind for your wisdom
and open eyes to your messengers

I am yours, Lady of Truth
do with me as you will

Bastet[ Bast has declared 2015 to be her year, so to celebrate I bought her a lovely (and sassy) new statue and a book about invoking the Egyptian gods. Something tells me I won’t need the book, though; she seems fine with letting me know exactly what she wants, and when. Like any cat. ]


“Affirmation Prayer”

I am scribe to the Sun and Moon.
I am beloved of Shakespeare’s Sister.
My champion is the nameless Mage.
My patron is the Mother Cat.
I am strong as storm and stone.
I am wanted and worthy.


This is what it means to be an ally.

I had visited the Hawthorn Tea Room many times before, with family or friends. The food was always delicious, the service delightful, and the atmosphere peaceful yet joyous. I wasn’t a regular, but I was recognized by the two ladies who ran the quaint little restaurant near the Tacoma waterfront. This day, however, was different than any other time I had come in before. This time I was on a date. My first date since the two awkward half-dates long ago in high school. My first meaningful date.

My first date with another woman. Someone I was already falling for. Hard.

I was nervous for a hundred different reasons that day, but one that came to the forefront of my mind as Chriselle and I entered the cheery yellow building and were ushered to a table was… how would we be treated? I had always enjoyed my time at the tea room; Cathy and Allison were bubbly and attentive, fussing over their customers much like mothers or favorite aunts. But I didn’t know them personally; what if they didn’t approve of us? After all, with the nervous, shy smiles we kept sneaking at each other, it must have been pretty clear we were on a date.

I need never have doubted them. From our very first visit, they treated Chriselle and myself like family. And, more importantly, they treated us like a couple. From the very first visit we felt welcome, wanted, and liked – not only as individuals, but as partners. There were no awkward questions or assumptions, just an air of easy acceptance I can only assume is normal for, and therefore unappreciated by, every straight couple.

We quickly started a tradition of visiting the tea room on the monthiversary of the day we made things “official”, and have continued this tradition for the eighteen months we have currently been together. It’s the highlight of our month, and serves not only as a celebration of our relationship but also as a chance to see two people who have become so important to us. We especially enjoy making reservations late in the afternoon, when we’ll be the only patrons and can linger after closing time chatting with the ladies and trading stories of crazy family and beloved pets.

In short, the Hawthorn Tea Room was the first place where I felt truly accepted as a queer woman, and the first place where I felt my relationship with the love of my life was celebrated and encouraged. For that, and for so much more, I am forever indebted to Cathy and Allison. I know they didn’t set out to be “allies”; they were simply treating us as people, as customers, as friends. As family, even. But that’s the point. You can be an ally without realizing it. You can make a lasting difference in someone’s life just by treating them with dignity and respect. It truly is that simple, and that important.

We found out a few days ago that the tea room has been sold and will be closed until it reopens under the new owners. Our December visit, to celebrate our year and a half anniversary, was our last visit. To be honest, I’m rather heartbroken. I had never imagined a time without the tea room, except when Chriselle and I joked about buying it ourselves. My feelings right now are understandably conflicted. I’m happy the ladies are retiring to spend time with family and I’m grateful for the time we did have with them. But I’m also so sad those times have come to an end so soon. I don’t deal with change well, and this is a hard change to swallow. It’s only now that I realize just how necessary this place was in teaching me the world can be a safe, accepting place for people like us.

Cathy and Allison, you will always be family to us. You brought us joy and fed our souls, not just our stomachs. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors, though I hope you know you’ll have to come out of retirement just once… for our wedding.

Thank you. For everything.