you gather the runaways and castaways
while I recruit the exiles and outcasts;
you search for the needy strays
while I seek out the angry ferals;

I’m the breaker of locks
the opener of cells
the liberator of chaos

it’s no wonder I never fit in
on an island full of misfits;
you were forming a family
while I’m forming an army


I can handle the mud-slinging
(even if there are rocks mixed in)
the broken bones from sticks and stones
(though words do carry a bite)
because even though¬†I’m not that strong
what if there is someone weaker?
and even though I’m not that tall
what if there is someone shorter?
and even though I feel tired
what if there is someone else
hanging by a single thread?
I don’t know when this kitten grew up
to become the angry mamma cat
but my claws are out, my teeth are bared
and no one messes with my clan

[ Written for the September Carnival of Aces, the topic for which is “Living Asexuality”. Asexuality plays a big part in my everyday life because I feel obligated to reach out to aces online who may need help – either in understanding and accepting their asexuality, or feeling validated in their identity despite anti-ace sentiments. It can be extremely wearying for me (the anti-ace stuff), but I’d rather be fighting for a “baby ace” than letting them take the brunt of someone elses animosity. To me, that’s part of living my asexuality; recognizing my privileges and using them to help others. And yes, I could do better when it comes to self-care and avoiding the anti-ace stuff that brings me down, but if I can be a spot of hope for even one ace online then it’s worth it to me. ]