this is a forbidden love
a sinister love
a cold, cruel, beautiful love
a love that worships with knives
a love that demands sacrifice
a love that covets
a love that crafts
a love that hunts
a love that hurts
an unwilling love
an unwanted love
an unthinkable love
a love that forgives
and twists the blade
a love that mourns
and revels in blood
a love with no name
a love with no rules
a love with no place
but the cell, the basement, the casket

(major spoilers for season 2 in the video)


“Prayer for Fallen Felines”

Mother Cat, watch over your fallen child
and guide their spirit to the Eternal Land
may they hunt in fields of moonlight
and sleep in fields of sunlight

[ I’m quickly beginning to realize that a lot of my offerings to Bast are going to take the form of writing, which is no surprise. I’m sure there are already prayers/incantations out there for the spirits of fallen cats, but I wanted to write her one myself so it’s more personal when I use it – though anyone is welcome to use it, of course. ]


I honestly couldn’t care if this feeling is fabricated
if it’s the Prozac or the Topamax (or both)
the B12 or the vitamin D
hell, maybe it’s all the Eggo waffles and Goldfish crackers
the naps with my head on your lap
or the ancient goddess speaking in my ear
who gives a shit?
I feel good right now
and dammit, I choose happiness