The Fool – new chapter ahead/ change and growth, hard lessons learned/ innocent to wise

The Magician – an awakening/ inner potential unlocked/ intuition calls

The Empress – queen of abundance/ love, life, creativity/ hope springs eternal

The Emperor – seek authority/ be not rigid or too free/ concretize your goals

The High Priestess – subconscious stirring/ inner worlds of dream and thought/ secrets and shadows

The Hierophant – spiritual guide/ personal philosophy/ the wealth of knowledge

The Lovers – facing a choice/ do not make it hastily/ union and balance

The Chariot – conflict approaches/ face head on, emerge stronger/ discipline’s triumph

Justice – the scale of Ma’at/ all things weighed impartially/ balance will return

Temperance – kinder than Justice/ all things flow in harmony/ seek a balanced heart

Strength – rage and pride can kill/ harness strength with composure/ rein the beast within

The Hermit – do not resist change/be at peace with time’s turning/lone introspection


my body is history, mythology, fantasy
my hands have dragged sailors to their doom
my feet have danced to sistrums and chanting
my heart beats the blood of every virgin sacrifice
my eyes blink back the blind oracle’s darkness
my voice is the widow’s wail, the daughter’s dirge
the war cry of Sekhmet, the song of Sappho
my warm flesh is priced pound by pound
bathed in milk, in oil, in perfume, in blood
my curves are criminal and coveted
wrapped in silk, in velvet, in gold, in chains
I am carved from marble and painted on tombs
I am burned at the stake and lauded in the brothel
I am subjugated and unbreakable
I am veiled and radiant
I am a sister
born of daughters
born of mothers
born of gods


My religion supports marriage equality. Surprised?

To be more specific, my patron deity supports marriage equality. My goddess is a goddess of joy, of love, of freedom. My goddess is a goddess of equality. My goddess is a goddess of victory.

My goddess is Bast, Lady of the Truth, The Light Bearer, and She celebrates with me today.

Last Saturday I did a tarot reading with Bast and asked Her what the week held for me. The first card She chose was Justice, followed by The Empress. Linking them, the Eight of Wands. Justice, love, and a great journey uniting the two.

I didn’t know what She meant then, but I do now. She was telling me today’s ruling. She was telling me today would be a day of justice, of triumph, of balance and equality. She was telling me we would rejoice today, Her and I both, because She loves me and cherishes my relationship. My love for my girlfriend is beautiful in Bast’s eyes, and when we are happy, She is happy. So today I wear proudly my goddess’s symbols and give my thanks to Her for blessing this joyous ruling.

Dua Bast!


#1609 – Marriage Equality

victory achieved
so today we celebrate
tomorrow we fight

I could weep for joy right now, or scream, or dance (but I’m at work so I won’t). Marriage equality is now the law of the land, and though I’m sure it will still be an uphill battle to enact that law, today is a day for celebration. Today is a day to finally feel safe in my own country. To finally feel accepted. To finally feel valued, equal, wanted. To feel like I can travel outside Washington state without stepping into enemy territory. I know the fight isn’t over. It’s barely begun. But today isn’t the day to overshadow this victory with tomorrow’s worries. Today we celebrate. Today we embrace our freedom, and tomorrow we use it to keep pushing for more. We have won the battle, and we will win the war.